Welcome to Sister Paleo!

Sister Paleo is a blog about me – Lindsey, 29 – and my two sisters, Sarah, 33 and Caitlin, 23 – as we embark on the Paleo journey.  We started Paleo before I learned to blog so the first few posts will be catching you up to speed with where we are currently.  We are about as close as any human beings could possibly be and when Sarah, who has done Paleo in the past, proposed that we do a Whole30 together, we were all in.  Having sister support for this lifestyle change is amazing and we thought we would share our results, and recipes/meal plans with you (times three!) Here’s where we are:

Caitlin – On Day 12 (she got an early start to accommodate the most holy of weekends – the first FSU home game – Go Noles!)

Sarah – On Day 6

Lindsey – On Day 6

After just a few days on Whole30, each of us has decided to maintain a Paleo lifestyle – probably 80/20 with at least 2 Whole30s a year.  I’ll catch you up later with what we’ve been eating and experiencing, but thanks for visiting!

SALICA (the catchy acronym my parents created for SArah, LIndsey, CAitlin)


L-R: Sarah, Caitlin, and Lindsey


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