Whole30: Day 2

From Tuesday, August 20th


B – Larabar

L – Leftover pepper steak, raw veggies (tomatoes, radishes, celery, bell pepper, carrots), watermelon

D – Spinach, mushroom, and chicken saute with sweet potatoes fries, watermelon

S –  Cup of grapes, handful of nut


Spinach, pepper, and egg frittata


B – Spinach, pepper, and egg frittata

L – Salad (no dressing), carrots

D – Baked pork chops with lime garlic sauce, baked sweet potato fries

S – Apple slices, banana, 1/2 grapefruit


B – Grapes, walnuts, boiled egg

L – Leftover buffalo chicken meatloaf on arugula

D – Baked egg in an avocado, sautéed apple

S – Dried fruit, an orange

Notes: One thing we all agree on – SNACKS!!! We eat whenever we are hungry but make sure to make healthy, more filling choices. Also, it helps me to have apps on my phone – I’m currently using free ones – Paleo Nom Nom and The Food Lover’s Kitchen.  Whenever I’m waiting (for doctor’s appointment, oil change, traffic light, etc.) I’m start plotting my next great paleo snack or meal.  Even better – both of these apps allow you to search by ingredient, which I love because I hate wasting food and if I have one pepper in my fridge that’s about to go bad, I will organize my next meal around it.



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