Whole30: Day 4

So…why are we doing Whole30? Apart from providing support to each other? Mostly, each of us if doing this for weight loss – we are a vain, vain people. However, there have been significant other changes that we’ve noticed – more energy, clearer skin, a difference in body composition, etc. etc. Here’s a pretty good article about 15 Benefits of the Paleo Diet.

When I started preparing for Paleo, I read A LOT!  I am especially interested in the success stories.  I can’t believe the number of people who have reported having serious medical ailments that were improved after going Paleo – skin disorders, allergies, cholesterol, blood pressure, the list goes on.  Caitlin, who is a Cardiac Nurse, shared this article with us as well from a Heart surgeon who believes that instead of just doling out medications for high blood pressure and cholesterol, doctors should alert their patients to the benefits of clean eating.

Here’s what I specifically hope to get from Whole30 (besides dropping a few pounds):

I want to retrain the way I think about food. I love a good meal and love spending time planning my next fabulous meal of the day.  But I also realize that I did alot of mindless eating – that is, I didn’t pay attention to what I was eating or how it was fueling my body.  That’s the purpose of Whole30 – to help you stop the craving and really think about what your body needs from food.  One simple step I can take in the right direction – I will never eat anything again if I have no idea what it is.  Looked at an ingredients label lately? If you can’t pronounce it and have never seen it, you don’t need it.

Anyways, here’s what Day 4 looked like for the Paleo Sisters:

Thursday, August 22nd


B – Larabar
L – red pepper strips w/ ham wrapped round (no salt added), salad with spinach, radishes, carrots, cukes, and pecans
D – Italian Sausage with peppers and onion over roasted cauliflower
S – 5-6 cherry tomatoes, a cup of grapes, a handful of nuts, almond milk, strawberries and pecans


B – Naval orange
L – Grapefruit (Note: I would typically never eat this little for lunch but got super busy at work…)
D – Spinach and arugula salad with strawberries and blueberries and lime juice, ground beef and fresh salsa
S – Almond milk, banana, and almonds (yum!)


B – strawberries and grapes
L – 4oz steak with arugula, apple and walnut salad with lime juice.
D – one cup of buffalo chicken meatloaf
S – orange, Almond milk, peach, and almond slices


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