Whole30: Days 10-11

Catching up here!

Day 10:


B – 2 eggs over hard and an orange
L – 2 meatloaf minis and a peach
D – Homemade, paleo-friendly orange chicken with roasted broccoli
S – Handful of nuts, raw veggies (Cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper, radishes), 2 apple chips, dried fig, banana


B – Banana
L – 2 apples, salad greens
D – Baked chicken, boiled sweet potato, and roasted okra
S – Almond and banana and almond slices in almond milk


B – Pineapple, strawberries, walnuts
L – Pepper and onions wrapped in cracked pepper turkey, orange, dried fruit
D – Pepper steak and bacon
S – Peach

Day 11:

Sarah:B – 2 eggs over hard and an orange
L – Sweet potato (nuked in the microwave in her office…genius!), raw veggies (the usual)
D – Eggplant Pizzas (no cheese, topped with onions, pepper, tomatoes, and zucchini) and a small salad
S – Boiled egg, a few nuts, 4-5 apple chips

Lindsey:B – Banana
L – Apple and almonds
D – Egg frittata with chicken, onions, and peppers
(Note: this is NOT how you should eat on Paleo…I’m out of food and energy to cook thanks to the start of the fall semester)

Caitlin:B – Strawberries, pineapple, walnuts and 2 slices of bacon
L – Left-over pepper steak, orange
D – Fajitas (only ate steak and veggies, prepared appropriately)

The award for Day 11 goes to Caitlin, who had dinner with friends at a local Mexican restaurant and watched people eat chips, queso, beans, and rice, AND DRINK MARGARITAS, and didn’t even think about cheating…ok, maybe she thought about it, but she didn’t:)

Well, folks, our favorite time of the year is upon us – college football season.  As always, we will be cheering on the Florida State Seminoles but with much less booze and late-night Taco Bell.

Next post: Paleo Tailgating



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