About the Sisters

The three sisters and the dudes that tolerate us. L-R Donoso and Caitlin, Nick and Lindsey, Tom and Sarah

The three sisters and the dudes that tolerate us.
L-R Donoso and Caitlin, Nick and Lindsey, Tom and Sarah

We are three, very close sisters dedicated to sharing a Paleo lifestyle with each other.  This all started with a text from the oldest, Sarah, suggesting we do a Whole30 together.  We agreed.  The experience has been great – not because its super easy, but because it’s something we are doing together. And trust me, if you don’t have a partner for Paleo, you will find yourself very alone in a SAD (Standard American Diet) world.

In fact, when we were thinking of a name for this blog, my brother-in-law suggested “Eat Shit: How to alienate people and lose friends in 30 days.” Seriously. This is not an easy lifestyle change and is all the more difficult knowing that FSU football season is right around the corner. No beer. No pizza. No nachos.

Despite the alienation that occurs with Paleo, the benefits are awesome.  We are all less than two weeks in and have committed to at least an 80/20 Paleo lifestyle after our first Whole30. This blog will allow us to share our meals, recipes, and experiences with you – times three! But first, a little about the sisters:

Sarah – 33 – Married to Tom, mother of the family’s only grandchild, Ava – the funniest, most independent and charismatic 4-year-old I know. Like all great big sisters, she was the first to experiment with Paleo for weight loss – with remarkable results.  It was her suggestion that led us to Whole30. She lives in Mississippi and is a fabulous cook – the most creative recipes will be from her.

Lindsey – 29 – The writer of this blog.  Married to Nick and mother to lots of furbabies.  We have Katy and Cypress – our labrador retrievers and cats – Ola Kimmy, Penelope, Imogen, and Millie. I live in Georgia and when it comes to food, I have a very simple palate. My meals typically need to involve very few ingredients and cooking time.

Caitlin – 23 – The family baby:)  Caitlin lives with her partner, Donoso, in Florida and has will power like no other.  She is the sister who inspires the rest of us to stick with it.  She is also very good at figuring out good substitutes for favorite foods – like her cauliflower pizza (not on Whole30) or almond milk with fruit and nuts as a sweet treat. She shares her home with pups – Noley and Messi and a new kitty – Finn.

We look forward to sharing our story with you!



4 thoughts on “About the Sisters

  1. Super excited to havefound this blog while perusing the Whole30 website. I’m starting my Whole30 tomorrow and I’m scared as hell that it’ll be too hard. I’m not known for sticking with things that are “too hard”, but I’m going in with my head held high and lots of positive thoughts! Thanks for sharing your journey, it gives me hope!

  2. What a great blog! I love your story of detoxing your cat from her chocolate addiction. I had a cat that would race over and swallow anything your dropped on the floor. Great for cleaning up a mess, not so good when you spill pills on the floor and have to race him to the vet in the middle of the night to get his stomach pumped.
    Your dedication to sticking together and passing on hope to others who want to get off the ‘typical American food’ is deserving of recognition and I would like to pass on a Liebster Award to you. You can see information on the award here: http://flakesoflife.com/
    Health, happiness and joy to all of you, Vickie

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